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Edmund Schönenberger

Attorney at Law

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February 15, 2003

P.O.Box 129, 8153 Rümlang





Institut de Formation

En Droits de l'Homme

du Barreau de Paris





Reform of the European Human Rights Court


Dear Colleague Pettiti,


My opinion concerning above subject:


The European Convention on Human Rights along with the related Court is a product from the Cold War. In every variation it was suggested to the citizens of Western Europe: "See, we take good care of your basic Liberties and do not act like in the Soviet Union, where Human Rights are trampled underfoot !"


In the Eighties and on the basis of available statistics, I have compared the percentage of  the admissible requests in relationship with the totality of the registered or unregistered ones. The rate of admission was of three per one thousand ! The successful requests were widely hailed throughout Europe in order to produce an excellent impression. Had they made the same ballyhoo about the non registered or rejected requests, we'd all would be informed about the Human Rights' hopeless situation.


Here two examples out of an indefinite number of cases from Switzerland, the country known worldwide as a State of Law and a model Democracy.


1.- As a contemporary witness, I vividly recall how official Switzerland joined the chorus of Western powers against the East in the course of the Cold War, condemning the disappearance of individuals in the psychiatry, without due process of Law. During precisely the same period of time, the Swiss have caused  tens of thousands of persons to be locked up in some 50 lunatic asylums without the possibility of a judicial examination in the sense of art. 5 lit 4 EHRC. Such an examination was granted as of 1981only. On the basis of the accurate statistics available in those days,  it can be demonstrated that in the years 1981 to 1989 in Zurich, the most populous Swiss Canton, the chances of getting a liberation based on a Court decision were a piddling 5 percent. Nowadays, the related figures are kept absolutely secret.


2.- Art. 5 lit 3 EHRC specify that the arrested person be brought at once before a judge. In Switzerland however, the arrested persons were jailed exclusively by the Public Prosecutor. Till well into the Nineties, it was strenuously asserted that the latter was an independent judge. (Jutta Huber vs. Switzerland).

Hundreds of thousands of people were subjected to this illegal practice.


          This country exudes hypocrisy through every pore


Presently, tens of thousands of people yearly are deprived of their freedom for piddling reasons and banged up in lunatic asylums where they are tortured with sly poisons. As the founder and committee member of the Psychex association, which ever since 1988 has been serving as a refuge and which organizes the professional counseling of the victims of forced psychiatric treatment, I know quite well what I am talking about.  The crimes against the basic Liberties follow one another.



          Swiss Democracy also explodes like a soap bubble


Per definitionem, is sovereign only who- or whatever controls the totality of the means of power. The medium which unquestionably rules over the whole world and gets everything moving is money. A sharp look into the Swiss Federal Constitution reveals pitilessly that not the supposedly   "sovereign" people owns the fortune stashed away ever since Adam and Eve, compounded through  the yearly interests and levies to an astronomical sum, hell no ! the disposition of this gigantic fortune is expressly reserved to a small bunch of fat cats

(extended analysis see HP: http://edmund.ch/)



          Switzerland is a dictatorship of the rich, a model plutocracy


Not only is the European Human Rights Convention worthless, it is even dangerous and noxious. Since the people are relentlessly brainwashed to believe that the Human Rights are being enforced, they rely upon them whenever these rights of theirs are being trampled. They turn to Justice confidently and there they  get cheated and put off according to the best judicial tradition. This provokes rage, revolt, despair and similar feelings. Such symptoms in turn are interpreted by the psychiatric instances as mental disease and are met with a forced sojourn  in a lunatic asylum.


Therefore it is more appropriate to abolish the European Human Rights Court. This bloated organization costs fabulous amounts of money and fatally awakes hopes which aren't justified in the least.




Yours very sincerely



Edmund Schönenberger